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1956 Ford, Andersen AFB, circa 1967

Above: northeast corner of AAFB, near nuclear
munitions bunkers (visible at upper left).

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I owned two 1956 Fords during my year and a half stay on Guam. The wagon was bought for spare parts, but I ended up driving both cars, depending on which one happened to be working and not evicted from the base for "safety reasons". I painted the sedan camouflage to look like a B-52, but unfortunately my handiwork was not appreciated and the car was banned from the base. Not to be defeated, I painted it black and drove it back, undetected. But eventually it got noticed again, this time for being nearly invisible at night. By now I was in an uncooperative mood, to say the least, so I slapped AGE yellow paint all over it with a brush. It was hideous! That got it kicked off the base yet again. I knew I couldn't win, so I painted it green and drove it back without further incident.

I only had one registration, so most of the time the wagon just sat there looking like a total piece of junk. Needless to say, that did not go over well. I bought some time by painting it a different color. In the end it got an Air Police escort to the junkyard, but not before I swapped its V-8 engine into the sedan.

Looking back on the whole comical escapade, I wouldn't change a thing!

Below: somewhere on the road to Talofofo Bay.


Below: another view of the northeast corner of AAFB.



Below: my two heaps parked opposite the officer's quarters.


Two 1956 Ford "heaps", Guam 1967


Below: my re-painted wagon and 3rd MMS barracks.


Ford wagon in front of MMS barracks